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Interior Designers Love Quartz..and So Will You!

Quartz has rapidly become the most popular countertop material for commercial work. “Quartz is a man-made stone, majorly comprising of quartz, one of the strongest, non-porous, durable and the fastest growing material used in the cabinetry construction industry. Quartz countertops have the largest market demand in the U.S. and Canada due to the high rate of commercialization. According to the International Interior Design Association, quartz is stated as the most reliable and relevant worktop construction material, therefore used for major interior designing work.” Check out our quartz, Element Stone, for your commercial and residential jobs!

Countertop Market Trends

The Most Visited Room in Quarantine...The Kitchen

During this time of social distancing and self isolation we’re spending more time at home than ever before. We’re cooking more, baking more, and eating at home more than normal, and with that extra kitchen traffic odds are that the things you didn’t like about your kitchen before, are now the things you hate. There are some kitchen upgrades you can do yourself (like integrating pops of color by upgrading to vibrant appliances) and others you’ll need to call in the professionals for (like upgrading from formica to Carrara), and here at Stone Showcase we’re here to help.

Quarantine Ready Kitchens

Calcatta Kitchens

These modern kitchens are all stunning, but our favorites are those featuring Calcatta. From Calcatta Extra to Calcatta Belgia, Calcatta Crema and everything in between, Stone Showcase has the Calcatta for your design. Find your Calcatta at Stone Showcase today!

Modern Kitchens to Inspire

Counter Culture

We’re looking at what’s trending now and we’ve got the highlights for you here. Classic Color Palettes are still dominating: warm whites, bold blacks, and soft grays are everywhere. People want their stone to offer both physical and visual texture. Polished finishes are on the outs as matte finishes rise in popularity. Mix ‘n’ Match continues to dominate in all forms as people experiment with combining materials and palettes. Durability is on the forefront of people’s minds while marble-looks remain in trend.

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Top Bathroom Trends of 2019

“White and grey marble continue to be strong, popular materials into 2019 for bathrooms and kitchens alike. They are classic and timeless, can go from traditional to modern in terms of aesthetics, and are also great for resale. Man-made materials, such as quartz and porcelain tiles that look like natural stones, are also workhorses from a durability perspective and will continue to be popular in the new year.” — Ariel Okin

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Most Popular Kitchen of 2018?

With over 64,000 saves on Houzz this kitchen boasts the most popular design of 2018. It’s creators, Justin and Tyler Sachs, have been praised for their innovation, and their ability to incorporate design trends without being trendy. Their design stands out because of it’s balance and quality, but also because of the warmth it’s natural wood elements offer.

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Make Your Bathroom a Dream Come True

Marble is a major staple in these dreamy bathroom vanities and countertops. While each of the design gurus in this HGTV feature uses marble differently, there’s no doubt marble is what sets these designs apart. From Carrara to Calacatta, at Stone Showcase we’ve got the marble you’ve been dreaming about. Reach out or stop in to see our selection today!

Dreamy Bathroom Designs

Kitchen Predictions for 2019

Elle Decor predicts that the top two kitchen design trends in the new year will be contrasting textures and raw materials. Stone Showcase and Element Surfaces have worked together to bring those trends to your fingertips. With a wide selection of natural stone and their exclusive line of Element Surfaces, Stone Showcase has simplified the process of choosing a variety of textures for your space. Visit your local Stone Showcase today to find every element you need to create your ideal kitchen.

Top 10 Kitchen Trends

A Bar You Can Live With

Everyone has a friend who fancies themselves a bartender, and loves using your bar to showcase their expertise. Which is fun, until the next morning when the evidence of their drink making is permanently ingrained in your beautiful marble bar. We love marble, but we also love utilizing the spaces we create, and marble bars create a dilemma for those of us who actually drink at them. Luckily we’ve created a variety of quartz solutions with Element Surfaces, like Brunello and Barrington. They’re not fool proof, but they certainly have a better chance of surviving a night of Timmy’s signature Blue Lagoon than Calacatta Gold. Get inspired by these beautiful bars and consider Element Stone to incorporate a marble look you can actually live with.

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Splurging on Stone

As our economy has taken a turn for the better, so have our kitchens. Kitchen design has been revitalized as more people are willing to splurge on products and materials that are a bit more expensive, from cabinets to countertops and all the little details along the way. Wondering what kind of countertop is worth splurging on? According to the designers interviewed by Kitchen and Bath Design News, consumers are frequently choosing high-end quartz. Why? “Quartz that resembles marble is popular because of the natural stone’s propensity to stain and scratch,” says Hall. Looking to splurge without breaking the bank? Check out our line of Element Stone. We’d like to think it’s a small splurge, and one you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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All White Everything

Elle Decor has compiled pictures of 40 white kitchens with timeless appeal for every taste. From farmhouse to modern, slight twists on either (organic modern anyone?), and everything in between, there’s sure to be more than one kitchen you love in this beautiful compilation. Want white? Need inspiration? Look no further.

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Can You Have your Cake, and Eat it too?

Many people feel constrained to use the same stone, or the same type of stone, throughout their space. This beautiful kitchen by Karen Berkemeyer and Leslie Dunn showcases a white marble island, and median-black, charcoal-colored quartz around the perimeter. By choosing both marble AND quartz Dunn got the best of both worlds. She was able to integrate multiple textures and color into her space, while equipping her kitchen with both the beauty of marble, and the functionality of quartz.

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2019 Color Trends

The color you choose for your space should reflect both who you are and who you want to be. Sherwin-Williams announced its 10th annual Colormix Color Forecast for 2019 to inspire and help professionals and DIYers select the right color scheme for any project. They have divided the 42-color palette into six themes, or color journals: Shapeshifter, Wanderer, Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist, and Raconteur. Together, the journals are fresh swipes of color that are key for 2019 color and design trends.

What's My Color?

Hiring a Contractor

Renovating your kitchen is an investment in your home, in your family, and in your future. The kitchen is the most expensive and complicated room to renovate in a home, and we know that the process can be stressful and overwhelming. Make your renovation as transparent and easy as possible by hiring the right contractor. Architectural Digest has compiled a list of the seven most important questions to ask your potential contractors before choosing one to complete your project.

What Should I Be Asking?

Modern Bathroom Inspiration

Looking to create a modern bathroom? Check out Elle’s Decor’s top 25 modern bathrooms for inspiration! No matter what your stone looks like, from marble to quartz and everything in between, it can be used to create a stunning space.

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Low Maintenance

Everybody likes low maintenance, and quartz countertops are the epitome of low maintenance. That’s why Brenda Helms chose quartz to fulfill her client’s need for something both easy-to-maintain and beautiful. Discover your quartz at Stone Showcase today and create your own low maintenance haven.

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Cramped Kitchen?

Sometimes change is good, and this was one of those times. When this family first approached Ray Wiese, they were looking for a quick fix, but he quickly realized that a new layout was what they really needed.

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Creating a Clean & Timeless Space

Designer Glenna Stone recently updated the kitchen of a home from 1893 to create a clean and timeless look. Glenna chose a white quartz to fulfill her client’s request for a “maintenance-free countertop where they did not have to be concerned about food stains or sealing.” Find your quartz at Stone Showcase, where you can re-create this stunning design with Element Stone.

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Contemporary Kitchen Installations

Looking for kitchen design inspiration? Architectural Digest has compiled 35 sleek and inspiring contemporary kitchens for you to draw inspiration from.

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2018's Design Trends

According to a recent article by Kitchen and Bath News, “Quartz is, by far, the preferred choice for kitchen countertops, with 94% of industry professionals reporting it as trendy.”

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Kitchen Material Trends

A recent investigation performed by Kitchen and Bath News shows that Quartz is the 2nd most specified countertop choice, and continues to rise in popularity, with wood following closely behind.

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