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Creating a Clean & Timeless Space

Designer Glenna Stone recently updated the kitchen of a home from 1893 to create a clean and timeless look. Glenna chose a white quartz to fulfill her client’s request for a, “maintenance-free countertop where they did not have to be concerned about food stains or sealing.” Find your quartz at Stone Showcase, where you can re-create this stunning design with Element Stone.

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Contemporary Kitchen Installations

Looking for kitchen design inspiration? Architectural Digest has compiled 35 sleek and inspiring contemporary kitchen’s for you to draw inspiration from.

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2018's Design Trends

According to a recent article by Kitchen and Bath News, “Quartz is, by far, the preferred choice for kitchen countertops, with 94% of industry professionals reporting it as trendy.”

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Kitchen Material Trends

A recent investigation performed by Kitchen and Bath News shows that Quartz is the 2nd most specified countertop choice, and continues to rise in popularity, with wood following closely behind.

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